TCM - The traditional healing method from the Far East

Traditional Chinese medicine TCM is an ancient medicine from the area of today's China. It developed over thousands of years to what it is today. Some researchers place the origin of TCM about 6000 years before our era, although the first surviving writings are about 2000-3000 years old. This long period of time produced many effective, proven healing practices. This is the main reason for the great success of traditional Chinese medicine. In Germany, too, TCM is gaining more and more reputation and approval. Many clubs and associations deal with this topic and try to promote TCM within Europe. This sudden and widespread change brought TCM great commercial success. Unfortunately, this success is also associated with disadvantages. TCM is not included everywhere that TCM is advertised. We at the Heusweiler Post Pharmacy have our own experience. The owner Thi Phuong Dao has flown to Vietnam many times to train herself..

As your pharmacist and owner of the Postapotheke Heusweiler, I made direct contact with representatives of this ancient healing art in Vietnam and gained insights into the real Asian tradition of TCM in many conversations.

The methods and active ingredients of TCM are divided into various forms:

  • Herbs individually or in certain mixturesn)
  • Infusion of several cooked herbser)
  • Powder / concentrates made from herbsn)
  • Pastes, ointments, creams
  • Pills, capsules, tablets, solutions
  • Granulate mixtures

Consult your Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor to discuss the mix and form that is right for you. You can then order your individual Chinese recipe from us in the pharmacy. We can deliver your order to your home for a small postage fee.

In addition to the forms of active ingredient medicine mentioned within TCM, there are also other healing practices such as Qi Gong and Tai Chi. These are different forms of meditation and gymnastics.

All of this is based on the same principle:

Asians knew early on about the "flow of life" that flows through every living being. They refer to this life energy as the so-called "Chi" or "Qi" energy. This consists of 2 opposing principles - the energy of ying and yang. Both forces should always be in balance. The balance between the two forces affects every muscle, organ, hormone, etc. When there is balance in the body, the qi energy can flow freely.

For example, a disturbance of the flow causes fatigue or paralysis of certain muscles.

Many diseases can be cured by creating the conditions for the free flow of chi. The medicinal herbs of Asian medicine work in this specific way.

Another method to enable the free flow of chi is acupuncture. In the meantime, doctors in Germany also practice this form of healing. In Germany, this treatment method has now met with a great deal of consensus.

Acupuncture learning is often only taught in a few weekend courses in Germany. In Asia, however, learning acupuncture is only certified after years of apprenticeship. The healing successes reflect the level of training

Almost all patients treated with the help of traditional Chinese medicine enjoy new vitality and joie de vivre. Healing and relaxing effects are mainly reported.

Especially people who suffer from stress-related illnesses, psychosomatic illnesses, lifestyle diseases or chronic illnesses respond to TCM. Illnesses, which western doctors are often at a loss for, can experience relief and even healing through the holistic approach of TCM. This is due to the fact that traditional Chinese medicine is based on universal laws of nature and the effect on humans has been observed and studied in a long tradition.

It is also important to note one thing: TCM herbs are medicinal substances. They work in certain situations and to a certain extent and should mostly be viewed as a supplement. Be sure to consult your family doctor or get advice from your specialist pharmacy. We are of course happy to help you here too.